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Orthopedic products wrist splint, shoulder, posturex bandage corset, lumbostat corset, neck collar, foot care separator spreader, massage vacuum silicone cup

Sports equipment knee brace patella stabilizer


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Elastic band

Elastic ankle band
Price: 18.00лв.

Compression sleeve

Compression sleeve for elbowbbiceps and shoulder
Price: 39.00лв.

Ankle stabilizer

Ankle stabilizer elastic medical foot bandage. Application: prevention and treatment of injuries, dislocation, sprain, oedema and protection and elastic fixation of the leg joint. Excellent against ligament laxity. Size 23 - 28 cm
Price: 21.00лв.

Exercise band

Exercise band can improve range of motionand flexibility. 

Price: 18.00лв.

Ancle support

Elastic medical tubular bandage for fixing ankle joints. Is intended for elastic fixation during treatment and prevention of sprain and dislocation, swelling. Size: M ( 22 - 28 cm ) ; L ( 28 - 33 cm )
Price: 9.00лв.

Training band

Training bands can exercise your wais arms legs and back. Elastic band can improve range of motion and flexibility. Yoga exercise band, gimnastic exercise elastic band

Price: 18.00лв.

Termo akrilic socks

Termo akrilik socks
Price: 22.00лв.
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Elastic knee support

Elastic compression medical tubular bandage, for fixing the knee joint. Is intended for prevention and treatment of dislocation and sprain. It is recommended for fixing dressing materials and to keep joints and muscles warm. Tension reduced at patella level. Sizes: M ( 36 - 38 cm ) ; L ( 38 - 41 cm )
Price: 17.00лв.
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Thermal extreame socks Thermolite

Thermal extreme socks Thermolite 55 % ; merino 15 % ; 13 % akrilik ; 15 % poliyamid ; 2 % elastan ; Extreme socks size 39/42 ; 43/46

Price: 35.00лв.
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Termo socks Viloft

Thermal ski socks. Viloft Thermal Technology for ultimate warmth and softness. Viloft thermal socks are great for those exceptionally cold days and to wear during snow sports. Viloft thermal socks have been developed to help warm feet in cold weather conditions. Designed for cold winter days or adverse weather conditions,

Price: 22.00лв.
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