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Silicon toe separator

Silicon toe separator

Price: 39.50лв.
Insole arch support

Insole arch support

Price: 20.50лв.
RFID Card Holder

RFID Card Holder

Price: 35.00лв.


Heel Cups Correct

Code: D 129

Heel cups correct fixed the shoe. Size: S=35/37 number ; M=38/40 number; L=41/43 XL=44/46

Price: 19.80лв.
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Outer Side Of The Shoe Worn Out If you observe that your shoe is getting excessively worn out at the outer edge, more than it’s worn out in the other areas, it is probably because you have a supinated foot. Those who have a high foot arch tend to supinate. Those who have supinated feet have very high and strong arches that do not flatten while you walk. Therefore the body weight is likely to fall on the outer edge of the shoe. Those who supinate are likely to suffer from ankle pain and sprains. Since the ankle isn’t aligned with the knee, faulty biomechanics put excessive pressure on the knees which can lead to erosion of the knee cartilage and bring on early arthritis.


Inner Side Of The Shoe Worn Out If you observe the inner edge of your shoe wearing out faster than normal, it means your feet pronate excessively. Foot pronation means your foot arch collapses during walking which leads to your ankle rolling inwards when you walk. People whose feet pronate experience very little or no shock absorption as they walk. This leads to excessive strain on the ankles and may lead to pain and swelling. Also, it causes strain on the calf muscles and can lead to tightening and soreness in the calves. Over pronation can also lead to an anterior pelvis tilt – the front of the pelvis drops and the back of the pelvis rises since the ankle – knee- hip alignment is ruptured. This can cause low back pain. Over pronation can be corrected with orthotic insoles that provide you with the exact amount of arch support needed for bringing articular alignment between your navicular and talus bones.