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Toe separator with ring

Toe separator with ring

Price: 18.00лв.
Metatarsal insole pads

Metatarsal insole pads

Price: 20.50лв.
Account services

Account services

Price: 0.00лв.


Chestnut massage

Code: chestnut massage

Massage chestnut su jok hand and body acupressure ball plus 2 withe massage rings. The massage chestnut is made of polystyrene. It perfectly massages hands by being rolled down between them or when squeezed in the fist. The massage chestnut is available in a set with 2 massage rings. It consists of two halves forming a little container in which the su jok rings or other su jok tools - 11; e.g. magnets or needles - can be kept.

Finger massager and hand massager for acupunctura massage and stimulate fine motor skills.. 

Price: 6.50лв.
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