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Silicon toe separator

Silicon toe separator

Price: 39.50лв.
Insole arch support

Insole arch support

Price: 20.50лв.
RFID Card Holder

RFID Card Holder

Price: 35.00лв.


Metatarsal insole pads

Code: D 639

Silicone insoles to relieve foot pads in the front of the foot. Metatarsal pads to soften the soles of the soles of the foot and reduce pain in the transverse arch when walking. The metatarsal cross-arch pad reduces the pain in the leg cushions and the load on the feet. Metatarsal pad with cushioned feet. Application of silicone pads: pain in the front of the foot, metatarsalgia Morton's neuroma, calluses, thorns, hen thorns and other skin pads in the area of ​​foot pads, sore pillows, stuffed pillows. Universal size silicone insoles. The price is for a pair / 2 pieces /; Material: silicone, textile; Silicone insoles are reusable and wash with lukewarm water. Insoles for pain relief in the herd. Metatarsal insole pads for cushions pain and support front foot pad. Silicone cushions pads one size.

Price: 25.00лв.
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