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Toe separator with ring

Toe separator with ring

Price: 18.00лв.
Metatarsal insole pads

Metatarsal insole pads

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Account services

Account services

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Suction cups, ventuza masaj anticelulitic, Saugnapf, coppetta ventosa

Code: KM Albert

Suction polycarbonate cups with rubber pump for anti cellulite massage and therapeutice massage. Set massage cupping for anticellulite massage. Suction massage cups with pump 2 pcs. Massage is very easy with suction cupping with pump. Massage with suction vacuum cups improves peripheral blood microcirculation. Therapeutice massage with vacuum cupping relaxes the muscles and energetic balance of the body. Anti cellulite massage with suction cups stimulates the breakdown of fat under the skin and visible weight loss. 

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Price: 25.00лв.
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